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Women Colleagues

Coaching & Counselling

Integrated approach (spiritual, psychological, and cultural integration)


For Individual

We all need someone to walk together with us both in good and difficult times. We will be there for you to go through those moments through counselling. And we will help you to grow further  through coaching so that you can grow and become the person God wants you to be.

Pastors or Church Leaders

Sometime it is a lonely journey to be a leader. You may feel stagnant or do not have someone to share your ideas or to develop yourself and your team. Diaspora Empowerment offers you a group coaching package for 'you and your team'.

Pastoral Care for Churches

Diaspora Empowerment can help your church apply a system of pastoral care based on a community approach, by giving training and coaching to your team. During this process, we will guide your team until the system of community based pastoral care is firmly applied.

Start Your Journey

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