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The Diaspora Empowerment Difference

Helping each other

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Multicultural understanding

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Diaspora Empowerment believes that we all are part of a global community in the kingdom of God. We connect people to give and to receive by linking those who want to be a sponsor with those who need financial help for our service. We believe that we should grow together as one body of Christ.
Please send e-mail to us if you want to be a sponsor or need a sponsorship.

Diaspora Empowerment acknowledges human being as a spiritual, psychological, and cultural being. Hence, those three integrated aspects of human being will always be used in our training, counselling, and coaching. We also provide different languages in our service; English, Dutch, Javanese, and Indonesian language.

Diaspora Empowerment aims to empower people so that people can use their unique talent, personality, ethnic background, and spirituality to contribute in the multicultural Netherlands, out of the best version of their inner being.

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