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Personal Development Program

The purpose of the training is for personal development to help you to see God's gift and to find the purpose of your life in His kingdom as migrants. The training highlights on migrant pastoral care and counselling.

Counselling & Coaching

Using integrated approach of psychology, theology, and culture in helping people to overcome their problems and to improve themselves to be the best version of "me", the one God wants me to be.

Online is also possible!!!


Partnering in doing scientific research in the field of migrant theology and cross cultural psychology. One of the projects is working together with Foundation Academy Amsterdam and South East Asia Bible Seminary (SAAT).

What I get from

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I'm going back to my home country for good. I'm nervous whether I'll be able to blend in and survive the intercultural stress after living abroad for 7 years. One thing that makes me feel better and less helpless is knowing my "resources", or people who understand me and my struggles, who are willing to help me adapt to the new culture. I've also learned to take time and be gentle to myself throughout the process. I let myself grieve when saying goodbye while slowly embracing the new chapter.

(Coaching client)


I followed the training on how to use solution focus brief counseling technique in my pastoral care. Then I got 6 times supervision sessions from Diaspora Empowerment which help me to be more confident, more skilful in using powerful questions and systematic technique in helping people. I have seen many people have been changed through counseling when I use this technique. My clients can solve their problem using their own strengths and spiritual gifts. I am grateful that I can learn from Dr. Betty T. Sari.

Maria M. Nuban 
(Christian Counselor)

Counsellor & Coach - Diaspora Empowerment


Betty's profile

Cross Cultural Psychology

It is my passion to help people from many nations and different cultures to become 'the person' God wants them to be, especially to fit in the Dutch multicultural society.

Pastoral Theology

My training in psychology and Christian pastoral care gave me a firm foundation for counselling. I use an integration of a "client centred therapy", culture, and Christian faith.

Study Background

  1. Bachelor degree in psychology (Gadjah Mada University-Indonesia),

  2. Research master in Social and Behavioral Sciences (Tilburg University, The Netherlands),

  3. Master degree in Pastoral Theology (South East Asia Bible Seminary, Indonesia)

  4. Post graduate program for professional practices in applied psychology (Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) 

  5. Post graduate program of migrant theology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  6. PhD degree in cross cultural psychology (Tilburg University, The Netherlands).

Voluntary activities

Scientific Publications

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Team Training & Coaching

We have a special offer for a team training. One team consists of 5-10 people and the team will be equipped to serve your congregation/community. It is an online training & coaching.

Training dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Training diberikan kepada satu kelompok/team dalam bentuk paket 1-2 hari training (6 jam). Dan setelah itu akan akan ada follow up dari Diaspora Empowerment untuk supervisi dalam pelayanan yang sebenarnya. Akan ada 2 kali pertemuan follow up. Topik training misalnya tentang 'percakapan perkunjungan' atau 'konseling pastoral yg berpusat pada solusi'

Training in English language

A 1-2 day training package (6 hours) is given to a group of ministry team. After the training, there will be a '2 sessions' follow-up meeting provided by Diaspora Empowerment to help the team implement it in their ministry. Training topics such as 'visiting conversations' or 'solution-focused pastoral counseling' and 'intercultural pastoral counseling'.


Dr. Samuel Lee, Dr. Rahmiati Tanudjaja, & Dr. Betty Tjipta Sari signed a research collaboration between SAAT (South East Asia Bible Seminary), Diaspora Empowerment, and Foundation Academy of Amsterdam.

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My Story

Betty T. Sari, PhD

My personal journey with God is a long story. God called me to go to a country that He would show me and do His will. After 2 years of praying and waiting for HIS direction, He showed me the Netherlands, a country I had never thought about. I asked for signs for confirmation and He fulfilled all the signs that I asked for. God opened the door for me by giving me a scholarship. During my master study in early 2011, God introduced me to students from countries where they did not know the Bible. I met students from Iran, Pakistan, and China who were eager to learn more about the Bible. I started a Bible reading group for non-Christians. It started with 5 students and grew to 20 students. A staff worker from IFES helped me with this. From this I understood that God was calling me to bless people from many countries. IFES is a student movement that occurs in 150 countries. I found out that God used IFES to fulfill His vision through me. I started at IFES in early 2012 and worked in Maastricht. Unfortunately, the government canceled the visa target for religious work, and we could not proceed with the work visa due to financial constraints to meet the requirements. I decided to do a PhD in Tilburg. During my PhD, I still served students and helped Indonesian churches. God opened a new door through the network of these churches. After two years of prayer, I decided to change my nationality for a practical reason; it is easier to travel with a Dutch passport and if God wants to send me to another country it would be easier to do it. I moved to The Hague because there are more migrant churches in The Hague. Just after I got my Dutch nationality, I heard that IFES needed a staff worker for The Hague. This was no coincidence for me. In the Kingdom of GOD, everything comes in HIS perfect timing and perfect way. So I rejoined IFES for the ministry in The Hague. It was not an easy decision, because I need to raise funds for my own ministry. This is partly part of IFES's work. In contrast, the job at university would give financial security. But I had a strong sense of God's calling, so I took a leap of faith and made a decision with conviction to sacrifice my own ambition for an academic career. God who has given me my PhD title and my scholarship, He has the right to choose how HE will use it for HIS glory.

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